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EdChoice Kentucky is a coalition focused on educating the Commonwealth on  Scholarship Tax Credit programs, which allow individuals or businesses to receive a tax credit from state taxes when they contribute to qualified non-profit organizations that provide financial aid, or scholarships, to lower income families who wish to send their children to non-public schools.


Why Are Tax Credit Scholarships Important?

In Kentucky, wealthy families can choose the school that best meets their children’s needs. Lower income families lack the resources for that same opportunity. Developmentally-disabled children in Kentucky have a graduation rate that is 10% below the national average.  Scholarship Tax Credits help level the playing field for all Kentucky families.

How Can Kentucky Fix The Problem?

Fortunately, there is a solution being considered by Kentucky’s lawmakers: Scholarship Tax Credits. Individuals and businesses can increase financial assistance for children to attend the schools that best meet their unique needs with a Scholarship Tax Credit Program.  Under this program, individuals and businesses donate to scholarship granting organizations and in return receive a non-refundable tax credit. The organizations then award needs-based scholarships for students to attend the non-public school that is the best fit for them. Additional scholarship funds mean lower income families can get their children into the right learning environment despite their income and zip code.

EdChoice Kentucky Officers

Charles H. Leis, President

Andrew Vandiver, Vice-President

Heather Huddleston, Treasurer

Leisa Schulz, Secretary

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