Tell Governor Bevin: Let’s Expand Educational Opportunities with Scholarship Tax Credits!

EdChoice Kentucky Supporters,

The Kentucky General Assembly is considering two Scholarship Tax Credit bills this legislative session: House Bill 162 and Senate Bill 102. These bills will establish a nonrefundable tax credit for individuals and businesses who donate to K-12 scholarship programs for students. These scholarships help more families afford the cost of nonpublic school tuition or other important educational services.

Momentum is growing for Scholarship Tax Credits, but we need you to contact Governor Bevin and encourage him to prioritize the passage of HB 162 and SB 102!

You may use the link below or call (502) 564-2611 to urge Governor Matt Bevin to support Scholarship Tax Credits. If you use the link it will direct your message to Governor Bevin.

Thank you for your support!

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